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JWM 2020


JWSC 2020 - a winter fairy tale

... this is how you could almost describe the course of the FIS Nordic Junior + U23 Cross Country Ski World Championships. The memories of this wonderful event will last for a long time.

Over 700 young athletes from our beloved sport, from the disciplines of cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined, have found their way out of 42 countries around the world to the idyllic health resort of Oberwiesenthal. The spa itself has only about 2,500 inhabitants. There were also around 1,500 athletes, supervisors, officials, volunteers and guests who determined the events at the foot of the Fichtelberg from February 28 to March 8, 2020.


There were some hurdles to overcome during the preparations of the event and you don't want to talk about things that one couldn't influence anyway. The organizers probably got the biggest stomach ache from the weather. Father Frost seemed to be fast asleep and spring had settled in. But the fear and the prayers brought the winter back on time at the beginning of the JWSC 2020. It didn't seem to want to stop snowing again and the athletes got the almost perfect conditions they deserve. The first medal for Germany was not long in coming and Maxim Cervinka, one of the junior ambassadors of the event, secured the first precious metal for the host country with the bronze medal in the cross-country skiing discipline. Jenny Nowak, junior ambassador for the Nordic Combined discipline, also won and brought home gold. In total, eight of the 72 highly coveted medals for the 2020 Junior World Ski Championships went to Germany. The most successful athletes came from Norway again. But the Austrians, Sweden and the USA also bravely held the top of the medal table. Germany closes the top five.


 Remi Drolet | Canada 

"... the best JWSC I have ever experienced. I will remember this World Championship for a very long time. You didn't have the feeling that it was a youth championship. We have been taken as seriously as the big athletes. The spectators all came to see us and cheer us on, and it just felt great."

In just about ten days, a total of more than 15,000 people came to Oberwiesenthal to cheer on the winter sports stars of tomorrow and to offer them the background that makes up a World Championship. Halfway through the event, more than 10,000 tons of food had passed the counter. Even the events in the evenings, including the award ceremony for the athletes, were well received by the visitors, although the weather sometimes put the organizers at a disadvantage.

Thank you for this JWSC 2020 - a winter fairy tale.

For their part, the commentators on the ski jump hill and in the Sparkassen Skiarena offered the audience more than 40 hours of entertainment. And about 100 media representatives from all over the world reported about the sport. The action could be followed via a very professional and extremely comprehensive live stream, which the MDR, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk also used for its excellent coverage on site, and so the families of the athletes in their respective countries of origin were able to share in the great emotions on site. There is simply no other way to say as that a winter fairy tale has come true.

Gus Schumacher | USA 

"We would like to thank the organizers and all the helpers. It has been one of the best organized world championships we have experienced so far. It felt very special, so real and we are very grateful for that.”

Christian Freitag | Head of Organisation Committee

“Sometimes I have to pinch myself a little. It was really like a dream. We put so much energy and sweat and power into the whole preparations. There were a few hurdles, sometimes we were close to despair, especially when it came to the weather. And then everything was like what we could not have wished for better. Sure, there were a few things that could have been optimized, but we don't want to look for a hair in the soup. We are completely satisfied and thank the many volunteers on site, the athletes and the officials, our organization team, who worked hard day and night for this dream, the partners and sponsors, without whom it would not have been possible and all the spectators, who were the cherry on the cake for creating an indescribable atmosphere. We now know that with the cooperation of all the clubs and all the forces on site will enable us to hold such an event and we are looking forward to the next challenges."

World Champions

Nordic Combined

competitionWorld champion
Individual 5km (w)Jenny Nowak (GER)
Individual 10km (m)Jens Luraas Oftebro (NOR)
Mixed Team

Norway (Sebastian Oestvold, Lund Marte Leinan, Hansen Gyda Westvold,

Andreas Skoglund)

Team m()

Austria (Stefan Rettenegger, Thomas Rettenegger, Johannes Lamparter,

Fabio Obermeyr)


Cross-Country Skiing

CompetitionWorld champion
Jr. Sprint Free (m)Ansgar Evensen (NOR)
Jr. Sprint Free (w) Louise Lindstroem (SWE)

U23 Sprint Free (m)

Vebjoern Hegdal (NOR)
U23 Sprint Free (w)Emma Ribom (SWE)
Jr. 5km Individual Classic (w)Helene Marie Fossesholm (NOR)
Jr. 10km Individual Classic (m)Gus Schumacher (USA)
U23 10km Individual Classic (w)Ebba Andersson (SWE)
U23 15km Individual Classic (m)Sergey Ardashev (RUS)
Jr Mass Start Free (w)Helene Marie Fossesholm (NOR)
Jr Mass Start Free (m)Iver Tildheim Andersen (NOR)
U23 Mass Start Free (w)Ebba Andersson (SWE)
U23 Mass Start Free (m)Harald Oestberg Amundsen (NOR)
Jr. Relay (w)

Swiss (Nadja Kaelin, Siri Wigger, Anja Weber, Anja Lozza)

Jr Relay (m)

USA (Luke Jager, Ben Ogden, Jonny Hagenbuch, Gus Schumacher)

U23 Mixed Relay

Norway (Marte Maehlum Johansen, Haavard Moseby,

Harald Oestberg Amundsen, Hedda Oestberg Amundsen)


CompetitionWorld champion
Individual (w)Marita Kramer (AUT)
Individual (m)Peter Resinger (AUT)
Team (w)Austria (Lisa Eder, Vanessa Moharitsch, Julia Muehlbacher, Marita Kramer)
Team (m)Slovenia (Zak Mogel, Jan Bombek, Jernej Presecnik, Mark Hafnar)
Mixed TeamAustria (Lisa Eder, Marco Woergoetter, Marita Kramer, Peter Resinger)


Please find detailed results on Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS).


THANK YOU - to ALL your SPONSORS & PARTNERS WHO HAVE enabled the success of THIS EVENT!